Upgrade Your Hydration: Check Out the Ombre Collection

Upgrade Your Hydration: Check Out the Ombre Collection

Are you ready to give your hydration game a new look? With an all-new color lineup of HidrateSpark PRO smart water bottles, you can add a style to your 2022 water bottle. Take a sneak peek at the latest colors from the Ombre Collection. 

What’s Behind the Ombre Collection?

The Ombre Collection is the latest color collection for the 21 ounce HidrateSpark PRO smart water bottles. Sip and enjoy a blend of light and dark hues with a polished pop in three new colors. Your bottle will come in a mesmerizing mix of sea shades, sunset-inspired tones, and moody blues. 


Like the majestic creature it’s named after, this bottle is inspired by sunlight glistening off of a mermaid’s tail. A magical mix of turquoise, teal, and an ethereal shade of purple give our Mermaid bottle *almost* as much dimension as the sea itself.


Is there anything more beautiful than the perfect sunset? The hues of this Sunset bottle capture the feeling of watching the sun slowly descend below the horizon. Featuring hot pink, rich magenta, and ultra-violet; this bottle is sure to turn as many heads as the most captivating beach sunset.

Night Sky 

Peace, serenity, silence, and calm,  are the inspiration behind the Night Sky water bottle. Sipping from a bottle with an array of soothing shades that move from bright sky blue, to cerulean, to midnight blue evokes the feeling of a clear night – so you can clear your mind. 

As we kick off 2022, it’s good to take stock of our hydration habits. Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? HidrateSpark smart water bottles are designed to help you stay hydrated. You can track your hydration, get reminders for when it’s time to take a sip, and create goals for yourself. Hydration is key to a healthy lifestyle,  so check out the all-new lineup of HidrateSpark PRO smart water bottles in the Ombre Collection today.

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