Partner With HidrateSpark & Keep Your Resolutions This Year!

Partner With HidrateSpark & Keep Your Resolutions This Year!

Feeling unmotivated to hit your New Year’s Resolutions? You’re not alone. Most Americans abandon their New Year’s Resolutions by January 21st. In fact, only about 9% of Americans keep their resolutions in the first place. You can avoid abandoning your hydration goals by consistently using the HidrateSpark App! Our app is built with features designed to not only help you set goals, but hit them too. Read below for features you may not have known about! 

Turn on Notifications

The HidrateSpark Bottle and App work together to make sure you’re on track to hit your goals all day long. Here are some tips to make HidrateSpark app notifications work best for you!

Reminder Frequency: 

  • In the Settings tab under Reminders you can increase or decrease the amount of reminders you receive and personalize the type of reminders you want to receive.
    • Once App Reminders are clicked open, you can change the frequency and choose the kind of reminders that motivate you best. 

Bottle Glows: 

  • In the Settings tab under the Bottle Glows section, you can change the vibrancy of your glow, how many times the bottle glows, and if you want an extra glow when you take a sip or hit your goal.

Change Glow Colors:

  • In the Bottles tab change your glow color to keep you engaged and excited to drink more water! When it comes to hitting your hydration goals, the more reminders, the better.

    Earn Trophies

    We all like to be rewarded! Our App features trophies you can earn for better habits. These trophies are rewarded for accomplishments relating to overall volume drank, number of sips recorded, consistent hydration streaks, opening the app, and challenge participation. There are always trophies in the queue waiting to be won! Open up the homepage and hit the trophy button to see the ones you’ve earned and are working toward.

    Add Friends

    Friends that can hold you accountable for your goals are so valuable! For your friends that also have HidrateSpark bottles, be sure to connect with them via Facebook, contacts, or email/QR code. Just head on over to the social tab and press the button in the top right hand corner. They’ll appear on your friend’s list, and if you press their profile, you have the option to view them on your homescreen. This means you can see your friend’s progress toward their goal throughout the day and see who hits their goal first! If you would like to meet others with a HidrateSpark bottle, you can join our Facebook group

    Join a Challenge

    Every month there are multiple challenges you can join for an extra boost of motivation. There are two kinds of challenges - team challenges and bottles saved challenges. For team challenges, you can join the team that you want to be a part of, and work together to hit your goal for a certain amount of time! For bottles saved challenges, you can come together with other users to hit hefty goals. We have a challenge designed to help you stay on track through the end of February - join our Keep Up With Your Resolution challenge, available in the app now! All participants who reach their goal perfectly will get a special discount at the conclusion of the challenge. Time to get sippin’! 

    There are so many ways to let us help you reach your goals this New Year! If you haven’t purchased a HidrateSpark PRO bottle yet, you can still download our app on the Google Play or App Store and get a hydration goal each day. We recommend pairing a HidrateSpark PRO bottle to the App for the best experience! We are in this together - let's actually keep up with our goals this New Year. No excuses. 


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