22 Oct

Introducing The Smartest Plastic Water Bottle on The Market: HidrateSpark PRO Tritan (™) Plastic

HidrateSpark is proud to announce the arrival of a new bottle to the HidrateSpark PRO family. The all-new HidrateSpark PRO 24 oz Tritan (™) Plastic water bottle. 

Same Smart Technology. New Light-Weight Design 

With the new Tritan (™) Plastic bottle, you'll get the same Bluetooth technology you know and love from the world's smartest water bottle. If you're looking for a water bottle that's lightweight, shatter and odor resistant, the HidrateSpark PRO Tritan (™) Plastic is the bottle for you. 

Customizable Glows for Every Mood

The HidrateSpark PRO Tritan (™) Plastic water bottle glows throughout the day to remind you when you need to drink, so customize your glow color, pattern, and frequency within the free HidrateSpark App. Choose between 6 present color combinations, or create your own color combination with our GlowStudio function on the HidrateSpark App.

Durability is Key 

It doesn't matter if you're on a run, hike, in a gym, or at work; water bottles tend to get knocked around. The HidrateSpark PRO Tritan (™) Plastic will last. It's shatter-resistant and durable to handle all of life's moments. The Tritan (™) Plastic is also odor resistant so fill the bottle with your favorite beverage without worry.

Like the HidrateSpark PRO, the new plastic version comes with either the leak-proof chug lid or the straw lid, both include protective spout covers to keep out dirt and germs. 

Stay Hydrated All Day 

Take advantage of the world's smartest water bottle technology and pair your bottle with the HidrateSpark App. You'll get reminders throughout the day on when it's time to take a sip, and it'll track your daily, weekly, and monthly hydration.

If you're looking for a water bottle that's ultra-lightweight and durable, look no further than the newest member of the HidrateSpark collection, the HidrateSpark PRO Tritan (™) Plastic. Live a healthier, hydrated life! Buy your new HidrateSpark PRO Tritan (™) Plastic water bottle today.