Hydrating Drinks Besides Water

Hydrating Drinks Besides Water

Tired of Water? Check out These Three Hydrating Drink Alternatives 

To stay healthy, we need to stay hydrated. You probably know that drinking water is essential for maintaining proper hydration, but sometimes you might want something else to drink besides water. Let’s take a look at how other drinks stack up against water’s hydrating powers. 

Tea and Coffee

You might be thinking of tea and coffee as diuretics, which they are, but they’re also hydrating. Coffee and tea can be just as hydrating as water when you don’t overdo them. The usual amount of caffeine to drink per day is under 300mg, about three standard-size cups per day. 


We’ve all heard milk does a body good. But does it hydrate you? In moderation, it does hydrate almost as well as water. Because of the nutrients in full fat and some types of skimmed milk, it stays in your body longer which is helpful for your hydration. Milk also has many vitamins and nutrients like calcium, protein, and B vitamins. Before you reach for the jug, remember that milk also has a higher calorie content, so drink milk in moderation. 

Fruit Juices and Smoothies

Like milk, fruit juices are an excellent substitute for water with moderation. Because of the high-calorie content, fruit juices or smoothies stay in your system longer. They may be refreshing and tasty, but you’ll have to pace yourself. Avoid juices and smoothies with added sugar on top of the natural sugars in the fruits (and sometimes vegetables).

If you’re looking to switch up your hydration style and want to try hydrating drinks besides water, try one of the above drinks. Just watch how much you drink. If you like adding drink mixes to your water, try Wave electrolyte supplement drink mix by HidrateSpark. Stay hydrated throughout the day with help from the world’s smartest water bottle by HidrateSpark. When paired with the free HidrateSpark app, you can get reminders to drink and keep track of your hydration goals. Stay hydrated and stay healthy.

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