How to Stay Hydrated During the Super Bowl

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Don’t Come Up Dry in The Red Zone: Stay Hydrated On Super Bowl Sunday!

Let the party begin; after all it’s the biggest showdown of the year. Who wants to miss a minute of the commercials, let alone the championship game? 

With so much excitement, it can be easy to lose track of time and forget that you still need to drink your water.  It’s the only way to enjoy all that food, booze and celebration while keeping your energy up until the last play. 

Every beer, wine or cocktail cuts down on the hormone that helps you reabsorb water. In addition, alcohol is a diuretic, so you’re going to the bathroom more. That’s why your water needs are greater than usual. 

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How can you stay hydrated during the Super Bowl?

Get in the habit of drinking a glass of water, along with your favorite alcoholic drink. An easy way to remember: don’t get a refill until your water glass is empty. 

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Line up your plays before kickoff. Get a head start on your water before the party begins. Showing up hydrated also means you won’t be tempted to eat as many of those salty foods or sugary snacks. Water helps your body gauge hunger, so if you’re drinking what you should, it won’t confuse hunger for the real issue: thirst

If you’re tracking every sip, you'll never have to guess how much water you need to tackle all that partying. That’s where the world’s smartest water bottles come in! Use your HidrateSpark smart water bottle to stay on top of your hydration before, during, and after the big game.

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Show a little extra pride in your team by using the HidrateSpark Glow Studio. Find the Glow Studio inside the HidrateSpark App and change the color of your water bottle glow to match the colors of either the Rams or the Bengals. Not rooting for either team? It’s okay, show your team’s pride throughout the year by choosing your team’s colors.

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