Hitting the Road or Taking off for the Holidays: Stay Hydrated and Keep Dry!

packging for travel with a scuba teal hidrate spark 3 bluetooth smart water bottle

As the holidays approach, we can all feel more comfortable about traveling this year. In fact, this year is predicted to be one of the busiest travel seasons since the pandemic started. Which means you should pack your patience and plan your hydration properly.

Bathroom Tips for Traveling

Most of us will be on the roads, fighting nasty weather and traffic chaos. Once you get loaded into your car, there’s no telling how long or far you’ll have to go before you can take a bathroom break.  

stuck in traffic in the back of a taxi cab

That doesn’t mean you cut back on your water. Staying hydrated will keep you more alert and feeling better as you make your way. But we’ve all been there; feeling anxious, frustrated and even panic-stricken, when we just have to go and we’re stuck between hundreds of cars and find ourselves miles from the next exit.inside an airplane cabin ready for take off

Flying might make bathroom breaks easier, but if the ride gets bumpy and the captain turns on the seatbelt sign, all that turbulence just makes it that much harder to control the urge.

So, what can you do?

Say Hydrated with these Travel Bathroom Tips

  • Plan your water intake with the journey in mind. Your HidrateSpark smart water bottle will show you what you need and when you need it. But if you’re going on a long trip, with few opportunities for bathroom breaks, then it might be better to drink a little more sparingly before you head out and make up for it during the rest of the day.  
  • Focus on anything other than your bladder; distractions can help you deal with the discomfort.
  • Do regular bladder exercises throughout the year. Pelvic contractions can help train your bladder to hold it longer.
  • And…if your kids just got toilet trained, then diapers are a good idea; ditto for elderly folks who may have some incontinence issues.

Plan ahead so your holidays are accident-free and full of the kinds of surprises you’re really wishing for! Stay hydrated all season with help from the world’s smartest water bottles. The HidrateSpark collection of smart water bottles will let you know when it’s time to drink, so regardless of if you're on the road, in the air or at home, you’ll have a healthier holiday season. 

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