Hidrate Stories: The Benefits of Teaming Up to Hydrate

Hidrate Stories: The Benefits of Teaming Up to Hydrate

When you do things with a team, squad, or friends, it’s always better. You motivate one another, you push each other to do more, and when you win together, your win is even more satisfying. When you achieve a goal as a group, the celebration is that much better. 

You might not think of hydration as a group effort, but it is! When you use the HidrateSpark smart water bottle and the HidrateSpark App, you can set hydration goals with friends and celebrate wins together. The Facebook Group, Hidrate Queendom, organized to help women improve their hydration and health. Here’s what friends and founders of the Hidrate Queendom Facebook Group, Kennetta and Tasha, have to say about the support and goals reached in their Facebook community. 

What prompted you to start the group?

We started this group with a small vision to just bring ladies together in one place to discuss our water journeys & make new friends! Many thought it was the dumbest idea, including our husbands! Most said no way you will get people to follow a group about water!! However, it has surpassed our expectations. We have been told several times that this group has changed their lives!!

Why women only?

We chose women only because at times we just need a place to be free and have girl talk! So many women have been abused and other things by men and don’t always feel comfortable in a space with men, so we just wanted to create a free place! 

How do you want your group to differ from similar groups on Facebook?

We are not interested in comparing to any other group. We have our own vibe and if we can change one life, just one, mission is accomplished!!

What is the concept of a “water party”?

Water Party is just our way of drinking water! It makes it fun, and if you think of it as a party, you will be more excited to get it done!!

Your message of inclusion and support is inspiring. What are you hoping members get from their engagement and participation?

Hidrate, Motivate, & Congratulate who we are!! We want our Queens to make life-long friendships, build a healthier lifestyle around drinking water, learn to self-care more & cheer your fellow sisters on! Also, we like to reward them for all the hard work--drinking this water is extremely hard for some--with prizes like HidrateSpark water bottles, water bottle decals, t-shirts, gift cards & more!!

Meet Tasha and Kennetta...

Tasha: This water bottle has been life-changing for me. I was literally not drinking any water! It would be coffee in the mornings and wine in the evening! I’m drinking at least a half-gallon every day now, and I have a 77-day streak of “greening my ring” every day! My body couldn’t be happier! Thank you, HidrateSpark!!!!

Kennetta: My HidrateSpark has helped me develop a lifestyle change that I was never interested in before purchasing my HidrateSpark. I would drink a maximum of 20 oz of water on a good day. Since I found out about HidrateSpark, 76 days ago, I have consistently taken in anywhere between 80 oz and 120 oz of water, nothing added, daily. My HidrateSpark has helped me become addicted to water and definitely reach some of my fitness goals. My body is definitely enjoying every sip I take from my HidrateSpark, and the scale that had plateaued has started moving again. 

Why HidrateSpark?

Kennetta: I love that HidrateSpark allows those who do not have a HidrateSpark, and those waiting for the delivery of their HidrateSpark, to begin using the app. This allowed me to get started and familiarize myself with the app and some of the features. Some of my favorites are friends on the ring, the awards, and the ability to add manually. One day I left my HidrateSpark in my husband’s car, and closing my ring daily is important, so I grabbed a few disposable water bottles and added them manually as I completed each bottle. If this manual add feature were not available, I would have been upset knowing I had broken my streak. 

I heard about the HidrateSpark in a Peloton group of women who constantly share tips about what they are doing and the things they are purchasing on their fitness journey. I knew I struggled with drinking water, so purchasing was not an option; it had to be done. I wasted no time and this investment has been one of the best in the last few months. 

I forgot to mention the glow reminders and how they helped me remember to drink initially and still serve a great purpose when I get busy at work. My co-workers have gotten into the habit of reminding me if it glows when I am out of the room. Sharing my knowledge of HidrateSpark has led to a few co-workers looking into purchasing it and one who has made the purchase. My HidrateSpark has definitely put a spin, a good one, on this new lifestyle journey.

Tasha: What I love about HidrateSpark is EVERYTHING!! The bottle is beautiful and fun! The app is so cool. If I could change one thing, it would be for you to make a way for us to cheer each other on when we see a friend struggling to get to the finish line or congratulate a friend who made it to the finish line!! 

One of my friends brought this bottle and told me about it (that’s how I found out about it) and I was in love! And here we are Hidrate Queendom!!!!!

Take it from Tasha and Kennetta, when you hydrate with friends and share your successes with others; it is fun, inspiring, and motivating. Get yourself and your friends together and set some hydration goals with your HidrateSpark smart water bottles

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