Fun Facts about Water in the Body

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If you take care of yourself and don’t run into any major issues, you can expect to live well into your 70’s and even beyond. Let's dive into some fun facts about water in the body.

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Taking care of yourself means drinking all the water you need to stay healthy. For most of us, that’s about 8 glasses a day – or 64 ounces. So in the course of a lifetime, you’ll drink more than two million ounces.

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Water Facts

More than 60% of your body is water.  Men have more water than women and babies are almost 80% water. Every part of your body needs water. Lungs, kidneys, muscles, blood, your heart, and brain all depend on water to function at their peak. Your skin is more than 60% water, so don’t expect a flawless complexion if you don’t drink your water. Healthy bones need hydrating too; they are more than 30% water. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Get in the habit of drinking regularly, before you feel the urge.

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Benefits of Drinking Water

Water can also keep your mouth healthier. Drinking water produces more saliva, which keeps teeth cleaner and helps prevent cavities and gum disease. Don’t forget to floss and brush!

Water is preventative medicine for many health problems, including arthritis, kidney disease, heart problems and cancer. It keeps your mind alert. 

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Drinking enough water lubricates the organs and flushes out toxins. If you’re looking to lose weight, water is critical to reaching your goal.  Yes, you’ll be in the bathroom more, but it’s all good!

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Keeping on track can be challenging. The HidrateSpark smart water bottle makes it easy. With a capacity of 20 fluid ounces, paired with Bluetooth and the free Hidrate App, it’s the world’s smartest water bottle, keeping track of every sip. So you’ll be drinking all the water you need to be healthy and looking cool at the same time.    

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