Fitbit and HidrateSpark STEEL Bring Smart Water Bottle to, Making it Easier to Track Your Hydration Needs

Fitbit and HidrateSpark STEEL Bring Smart Water Bottle to,  Making it Easier to Track Your Hydration Needs

Today, Fitbit added the new HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottle to its range of smartwatches, trackers, services, smart scales and accessories available for purchase on As part of the Works with Fitbit® program, the HidrateSpark bottle can help you achieve your optimal health and wellness by better understanding your daily hydration needs while sporting your affinity for the Fitbit brand.

Proper hydration is a key component of your overall health, with research showing it helps promote cardiovascular health, ensures proper muscle and joint function, aids in digestion, and increases energy levels. Using a HidrateSpark bottle and your Fitbit make tracking your hydration even easier. Through HidrateSpark's proprietary Hydration Equation, the HidrateSpark app and bottle work in tandem with your synced Fitbit data to calculate a personalized daily hydration goal based on key physiological and biological factors, as well as other inputs such as elevation, weather and activity. When connected, the smart water bottle automatically tracks your water intake and will also sync your hydration data to the HidrateSpark app, which in turn pushes your dynamic hydration goal and achievements to your Fitbit app.

“Many people are unknowingly dehydrated, and when your body is low on water it can have  negative impacts on your health and daily life contributing to problems with high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney function among other complications with cognition, productivity, sleep, and energy levels," said Coleman Iverson, Co-CEO of HidrateSpark. "We believe that the HidrateSpark hydration system is the easiest and most convenient way to realize the improved benefits of health and wellness. We are thrilled to make the HidrateSpark bottle directly available to Fitbit customers to further enhance their user experience with smarter, more automated, ways to reach their health, fitness and lifestyle goals.”

By connecting your Fitbit account to your HidrateSpark STEEL bottle and app, you will receive glowing bottle reminders and text notifications about your water intake, while also being able to automatically track your hydration levels in the water section on your today dashboard in the Fitbit app. You will also be able to see HidrateSpark’s real-time hydration data on your Fitbit device, such as the new Fitbit SenseTM and Fitbit Versa 3TM, and Fitbit Inspire 2TM

“As part of our mission to make everyone in the world healthier, we’ve worked to make health fun and achievable while helping consumers understand how exercise, nutrition, hydration and sleep are all connected – and how they can impact overall wellness,” said Mark Silverio, Senior Vice President of Americas Sales & Global Marketing of Fitbit. “The HidrateSpark integration helps Fitbit users get even more personalized information about their hydration needs, while seamlessly integrating into the Fitbit app and their wellness routine to give them added motivation and guidance to reach their holistic health goals.”

Available today at, the 21 oz. HidrateSpark STEEL water bottle features the iconic white Fitbit logo and comes in black or brushed steel for $74.95 USD.

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