11 Jun

Father's Day Ideas to Celebrate Dad

Father’s Day is June 20, isn’t it great that we can all celebrate the Fathers in our life normally again? Whether it’s a BBQ, an afternoon fishing or camping, spending time with dad, might mean more this year. So, now that you can celebrate, what do you get dad?

Think about sharing the most valuable thing of all: your time. After the last year, it’ll mean more than ever. If you live close by, visit if it’s safe to do so. If you’re miles away, and don't have video conferencing fatigue, Skype and Zoom are an option, and if your dad is less tech-savvy, there’s always the phone. 

No matter where you are, it’s also a good time to send him a greeting card; getting a handwritten message is always meaningful. Get your kids to make their own, to show just how much they love him. And throw in a gift card for gas, a future flight, or tickets to an event you can all enjoy together in the future. 

You may be thinking about dad's health this year more than ever. Older parents are susceptible to dehydration because their bodies contain less water as they age. You may want to look into a way they can’t fail to drink the water they need. Get them the smart water bottle that makes every sip count on the journey to better health. 

This Father’s Day, save on the smartest water bottle in the world. Get 20% off HidrateSpark STEEL and HidrateSpark WAVE products. Simply use the code SUMMERS20 when ordering your water bottle and give Dad the gift of hydration.

So raise a glass (or bottle) to your dad, stepdad, foster dad, or grandpa - and here’s to a Happy Father’s Day!

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