6 Tips to Conserve Water While Cooking

6 Tips to Conserve Water While Cooking

How Much Water Does it Take to Cook?

We all try to conserve as much water as possible. Whether it’s not letting your faucet run the whole time you brush your teeth, taking quicker showers, and buying low flush toilets; we’re conscious of our water consumption. Have you ever thought about how much water you waste while cooking? It is more than you might think. Check out a few ways to save water while cooking.

1. Watch Your Faucet Flow

If you’re using your faucet to fill up a pot or wash vegetables, don’t let it run continuously. Take the extra step to turn it on and off each time you need water.

2. It’s a Faucet, not a Pressure Washer

When cleaning your vegetables and fruits, use a large bowl or tub and a vegetable brush to scrub. Don’t use your faucet to get the dirt off.  If you’re concerned about cleaning germs from your produce, try a few splashes of distilled vinegar in that bowl of water.

3. Don’t Defrost with Water

It’s common to run food under cold water when defrosting, especially when you’re in pinch for time. Try planning ahead and let your frozen food sit overnight in your refrigerator; it will be ready to go when you’re ready to cook and you will have saved gallons of water in the process.

4. Back off the Boiling Water

Do you fill up your pot most of the way when boiling pasta or vegetables? You don’t have to. Use just enough water to cover what you’re cooking.  It will save time and water while your meal will turn out just as tasty.

5. Keep a Pitcher of Water in the Fridge

Getting a new glass of water from the tap every time you’re thirsty can be an unnecessary water waste if you run the faucet a few seconds to get the colder water. Grab a pitcher and keep it cold in the fridge. Use it for drinking or cooking.  If colder water is your thing, also consider pouring that water in an insulated water bottle like HidrateSpark PRO.

6. Steam Your Veggies

Steaming your vegetables rather than boiling them saves water and nutrients. Try steaming more in your meal recipes.

The next time you turn on your kitchen faucet for cooking, think about using these ideas to conserve water.

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