Here's the thing...
Proper hydration should be easy, so we made it that way.
Introducing your next (and last) water bottle.
Better health one tap at a time
Discover the benefits of proper hydration.
Easier Weight Management
Better Skin Complexion
More Energy
Better Overall Health
Enhanced Cognition and Mood
Reduced Headaches
Better Cell Health
Better Kidney Health
More Productivity
Reduced Kidney Stones
Choose a smarter water bottle.
20 OZ
Stainless Steel
24 OZ
Tritan Plastic
Track with a Tap.
With HidrateSpark TAP it is as easy as that - a TAP. You simply need to...
1Drink an entire bottle of water from your TAP bottle.
2Tap your smartphone to the Smart Tag on your TAP bottle.
3Watch as the HidrateSpark App adds a full bottle of water to your hydration history.
TAP + APP = Fully Hydrated
All TAP bottles connect with our free HidrateSpark App, allowing you to track your water intake with a tap, earn trophies, compete with friends, stay motivated and so much more.
I've had amazing success with this water bottle. I've been chronically dehydrated for years and this bottle is the only thing that's consistently improved my water intake.

Brittney L.