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Works perfectly. Love Hidrate.

PRO 32 oz

Much easier to keep track of my fluid intake now

I wish the app had a manual sync button

PRO 32 oz

Love this bottle. On my 9th day streak and the bottle battery is still at 100!

PRO 32 oz

Way not worth the price

Great bottle! It keeps the water cold, drives me to drink more, and accurately records how much i consumed. Perfect to keep you hydrated without having to worry about forgetting. The app continuously reminds you.

The app should allow you to manually sync so you can be sure the bottle has read the water level correctly.

PRO 21 oz

Works great and definitely keeping me in track.

PRO 21 oz

I love this! I'm not sure why I waited so long to buy one, but I am so happy I did! I love not having to guess how much water I have had for the day.

PRO 21 oz

I like my HidrateSpark Pro 21 oz cup. This is my fifth order. I like the variety of having different colors and sizes.

I’ve had a few other bottles that were great and I’m very familiar with how they should work. Something is wrong with this one and all customer support does is continue to send me more troubleshooting instructions to “help them” diagnose the issue - four times now. I don’t mind once or twice having to try some things to troubleshoot, but for a $70 water bottle I shouldn’t also have to do their work for them. They could have had me return this broken one so they can troubleshoot themselves and sent me a replacement. They’ve lost a customer of several years.

PRO 21 oz

Use it every day!

PRO 24 oz

Love it!!! Wish I purchased earlier

PRO 24 oz

The water does not stay cold and the bottle sweats when cold water is inside. Want to return it.

PRO 17 oz

Not pleased. This is my third our four puck and now it seems like this new one is not working!

PRO 20 oz

Absolutely love this 20 oz cup!! Worth every penny!

The app says this has been delivered. It has not.

2802319ITBGA3506467 This is the tracking number for DHL. It says it is still in New York

Bottle Crazy

My wife and I love our bottles, all five of them. She started with pink and has got three other colors and I got the special Royal Blue bottle and love the color, just recently got a black one also. We love the way they track our water intake and give us little reminder notifications. Would like to see an insulated version at some point. we've had to deal with customer service a couple times, coating coming off a pink bottle and the O-ring that opens the cap broke on two different bottles, CS was very quick to respond and remedied the situation to our pleasure. \It's not if you have a problem

it's how you deal with it that matters\'

Defective Censor replaced

Thank you Hidratespark. My replacement censor arrived yesterday. I watched your onine video and I'm back to hydrating. I got my bottle for Christmas, the censor worked for about 5 days when it stopped. I replaced the batteries, that didn't work. I contacted you. I did everything you suggested. After a few days, you told me you were shipping me , free, a replacement. I call this outstanding customer service. My sensor glowed as soon as it was synced to my phone. Thank you.

Best Christmas gift EVER!!!!

Amazing product. I love the bottle. It is amazing, I snap images of my progress to send to my daughter who bought me the water bottle. Everyone at work asks, is that one of those, oooo high, it is, how cool. I LOVE IT!!!\nI think it would be cool to add a victory sound feature on your app when you complete your goal. A bit pricy, but I'm in love. ‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°

Grateful Living Donor

I just wanted to say how grateful I am that your company created such an AMAZING product! I donated a kidney to my uncle on December 15, 2017 - happy to say that he and I are both doing wonderful!\n\nHowever, with now only having one kidney comes an increased responsibilty to take care of it. The best way to do that is to stay well hydrated. I work in the school system and have 2 teenagers heavily involved in activities that require my attention, on top of everyday busyness. It is VERY easy to get distracted and fall short on the amount of water my body needs. For that, I am SO appreciative of your bottle, as it helps me to stay on track and drink plenty of water to maintain my health and quality of life as a living donor.

I absolutely love this bottle!

Shipping was much faster than expected!\n\nI've been wanting this bottle since they've came out, I was just worried about getting the first version and if it would really work the way I wanted it to or the way it was advertised.... Well after over a year of wanting this bottle I finally ordered it and I'm in love with it. I drink plenty of water to begin with but it's nice to know how much I drink a day and also To get reminders to take a drink when I get too busy to think about it. \n\nMy only negative comment would be that my first set of batteries died within 8 hours of having the bottle. I'm not sure if that's from initial setup or the cold or what. 2nd set is provided for you and so far they are still good. Have definitely recommended to all of my friends and showed them how awesome my bottle is!!!!

10/10 would recommend

I accidentally dropped my bottle from a low height and it landed just right to break the top part of the cavity. The lid and sensor were'nt harmed, but I was heartbroken because I had loved everything about this bottle. I assumed they wouldn't do anything about it since it was my fault, but I emailed them and they sent me another cavity free. I'm so impressed with how quick they were to reply and how they so generously gifted me another replacement cavity. 10/10 on taking care of your customers, Hidrate. I'm impressed and thankful.