November 14th is World Diabetes Day

November 14th is World Diabetes Day

This year, the theme is Nurses Make the Difference. This year’s campaign focuses on the role of nurses in the prevention and management of diabetes. 

More than 425 million people are living with diabetes; most are type 2. In addition, researchers estimate there are many others who are undiagnosed. It’s the leading cause of blindness, heart disease, kidney disease, and even amputation.

Many of us can’t recognize the early signs. But if we know them, the risk is reduced.

Who helps those suffering from diabetes? Nurses.

Nurses account for 59% of health professionals and play a vital role in those living with diabetes. As the number of people diagnosed grows, the need for more nurses is becoming more and more important. Did you know that nurses are often the first and sometimes only health professional patients with diabetes see? 

Nurses are often the ones to provide self-management training, psychological support, and help those understand the risk factors to help prevent type 2 diabetes.

For nurses to perform their best and provide the best care for those with diabetes, more education is needed, in addition to resources and funding to help the millions of nurses make a much larger impact on diabetic patients and their families.

So why is November 14th observed as an official wakeup call?  On that day in 1891, in the small community of Alliston, Ontario, Frederick Banting was born. He served in the Canadian Medical Army Corps during World War 1 as an orthopedic surgeon and then became interested in diabetes and after talking with the University of Toronto physiology professor, J.J.R. Macleod.  Dr. Banting along with Dr. Charles Best, his medical assistant, would start the work which led to the discovery of insulin.  

For those who are on insulin, it’s an expensive drug and in spite of progress on how it’s taken, regulating blood glucose levels can be an inconvenient and demanding regimen.

The best treatment is prevention. Eat the right stuff, get out and play and drink lots of water.

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For more information on diabetes and how you can get more educated and involved in preventing it, here are some excellent resources.



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