Working From Home: Tips to Stay Hydrated

Working From Home: Tips to Stay Hydrated

These days, many of us are making our homes our offices. Working at home has its advantages; we’re not facing a long commute and we can take lunch when we want. 

But don’t forget to schedule water breaks.

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It’s easy to get involved in a project and let hydration slide but working in the living room hasn’t changed your body’s need for water. 


Working From Home: Tips to Stay Hydrated


Here are some ideas to stay motivated...

  • Make it convenient. Keep a glass or bottle of water beside you as you work.
  • Buy a reusable bottle that helps track what you need, when you need it. The world's smartest water bottle can even send you reminders and texts.  
  • Even if you are self-isolating, you need to take a break. Get outside and play. Run, bike or just go for a walk. Drink water before, during and after your workout.

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  • When you get back to business, you can enjoy that coffee break but make sure you’re also drinking your water. Coffee is dehydrating; soda and alcohol are as well. 
  • If you’re facing tough times, remember water is the least expensive and healthiest drink on the planet. Use filtered water from your fridge to fill up your bottle. It’s clean and safe. 

So, even though you need to work from home and stay six feet away from everyone in these uncertain and unusual times, schedule water breaks so your bottle is never part of your social distancing scenario.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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