Staying Hydrated While Traveling

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In The Air Or On The Road, Don't Forget Your Water!

It’s that time of year, where we start thinking about Spring breaks and fun getaways. No matter where you’re headed, flying will take a toll on you. 

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The impact of altitude combined with lower humidity, recycled cabin air, and salty snacks are a recipe for dehydration while you travel. Drink a bottle of water as you wait for your flight, then refill it and bring it on board. 

Experts recommend you drink 8 ounces of water for every hour in the air.  As tempting as those sodas and cocktails might be, high sodium sugary drinks and alcohol also dehydrate you, so ask for a glass of water for every other drink you order. 

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Freezing temperatures, high elevations, and dry air add up to a need for more fluids. The same is true for people enjoying the sand and sun. You may not realize how much water you lose through sweating, but your kidneys and muscles will. So drink a bottle of water and fuel up with hydrating snacks before you head outside.

When it comes to road trips, dehydration causes fatigue and drowsy driving can lead to disaster. So pack a cooler with a few bottles of water and fresh fruit, such as berries and oranges. You may have to make a few more bathroom stops, but staying hydrated is worth the extra minutes it takes to reach your destination. 

Your vacation or break may be a chance to wind down for a few days but your body still needs water breaks. When you’re away from your usual routine, it might be harder to remember to drink up so don’t leave home without your smart water bottle

Enjoy your time away and stay hydrated and healthy while you travel!

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