Speed Up Your Recovery With Water

Speed Up Your Recovery With Water

You’re not used to taking life lying down and that torn ACL is proof of that.

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So when it’s time to go home after a surgery or hospitalization, hit that water bottle! 

If you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, you need water to flush the toxins out. It’s also going to send nutrients into your cells, regulate your temperature and relieve muscle aches.

After surgery, you’ll need more water than usual, because you’ve lost more, through wound drainage or fever. And, if you get dehydrated, it slows down the growth of new tissue and increases the risk of infection. 

So if you’re drinking a few bottles a day, you’ll probably want to add one more. 

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One more thing: make sure you eat right. Choose healthy foods packed with protein and the vitamins your body craves.  A smart diet combined with your water will speed up the time it takes to get back to your normal routine. 

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