Shocking Foods That Make You Thirsty

Shocking Foods That Make You Thirsty

Which of these foods do you think make you more thirsty?

burger asparagus ice cream beets

The answer: ALL of them!

Foods That Make You Thirsty May Leave You Shocked

It’s no secret that grabbing lunch at the drive-through is sodium overload, causing your body to lose fluids.  And the combination of sodium and sugar in that ice cream cone work to dehydrate you. 

But what about the vegetables? They’re healthier foods but can also make you more thirsty than you thought. Here’s the reason. 

White asparagus is full of nutrients, but it contains aspartic acid, a natural diuretic. Beets also have diuretic properties because they contain potassium that makes you want to pee more. Ditto for celery. 

coffee cup wine glass protein shake

What about other drinks? For some of us, morning coffee and a relaxing nightcap frame our day. But they too are diuretics. Try limiting coffee to three cups a day. And drink some water along with both these drinks. A good measure for alcohol: one glass of water for every glass of wine or cocktail.

If you’re drinking a shake for breakfast or after an intense workout, it may be surprising to know it takes more water to metabolize the protein, robbing your cells of their water content. Even if you are on a high protein diet, you’ll want to up your water intake.

young man child drinking water blue gray storm hidratespark 3 smart water bottle

So, when your body is eliminating extra water, make sure you drink more to replenish everything you’ve lost.

In these times of self-isolation, working from home and social distancing, it might be even more challenging to remember to drink your water.  So make it easy with the world’s smartest water bottle.  Enjoy every sip and stay healthy!

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