Mix & Match: Add a Splash of Color to Your Hydration Game

Mix & Match: Add a Splash of Color to Your Hydration Game

Do you like to mix things up? Now HidrateSpark fans have mix and match options when it comes to your HidrateSpark smart water bottles. 

HidrateSpark PRO Bodies

HidrateSpark has brought back all limited colors for you to mix and match with your current HidrateSpark PRO water bottle. You can now purchase bottle body colors like Black Marble, White Marble, Snow, Sedona, and Wildberry. Mix and match these vibrant colors with your chug or straw lid to get a whole new look. Check out all of the available HidrateSpark water bottle body colors.

HidrateSpark 3

Have a HidrateSpark 3? Give it an upgrade and show off your creativity by switching out your body color, lid color, or bottom ring. You can even mix and match with previously unavailable limited edition colors like Snow, Hot Pink, Yellow, Lilac, or Sky Blue. View and purchase your next HidrateSpark 3 accessories

World-Class Style & One of a Kind Technology 

It doesn’t matter which HidrateSpark smart water bottle you currently have; you’re getting the benefits of making sure that you’re on top of your hydration with glowing reminders to take a sip. Pairing your water bottle with the HidrateSpark App helps you keep track of how much water you’re drinking, set goals for yourself, and connect with friends. It even integrates with other health apps like Google FIT and Apple Health. 

Hydration doesn’t have to be boring. Put a little style into your daily hydration when you mix and match your HidrateSpark water bottle accessories and bodies. Check out your options and add a little more style to your hydration game.

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