Keep it Fresh This Summer with the HidrateSpark Tumbler

Keep it Fresh This Summer with the HidrateSpark Tumbler

Looking for a new way to quench your thirst and stay hydrated this summer? Check out the all-new 20 oz. PRO Tumbler from HidrateSpark, a versatile way to enjoy a drink all summer. 

Enjoy Your Drink Hot or Cold 

The new HidrateSpark PRO 20 oz. Insulated Tumbler will satisfy any thirst as it works for both hot and cold beverages. Not only is it perfect for that morning coffee or tea, after a quick wash you can keep your hydration up for the rest of the day. Enjoy your beverage at the right temperature with every sip because hot liquids stay hot and cold liquids stay cold.

Three Colors with Plenty of Features 

The HidrateSpark Tumbler comes in three sleek colors: Black, Brushed and Sea Glass. You can also enjoy sipping from a stainless steel straw and silicone piece, or you can sip right from the Tritan plastic lid. 

The Most Technologically Advanced Tumbler

When you drink from HidrateSpark's Tumbler, you can take advantage of the technology that's made the entire HidrateSpark lineup the world's smartest water bottles. Like every other HidrateSpark smart water bottle, the PRO Tumbler's Bluetooth technology links with the HidrateSpark App so you can track your daily hydration, set goals, and create summer challenges with friends and family. Plus, the customizable glowlight will keep you on track by glowing when it is time to take a sip to maintain your proper hydration levels. 

If you're looking for a stylish new water bottle this summer, check out the all-new HidrateSpark PRO Tumbler. Remember, the summer heat makes it even more important to stay hydrated, so consider adding the Tumbler to your water bottle collection today. Check out the new HidrateSpark PRO 20 oz Tumbler now

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