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HidrateSpark bottles and the app that is available at Apple.

Calling all HidrateSpark fans -- are you looking for the newest cool package for the HidrateSpark PRO STEEL and PRO? Head over to Apple Stores or Apple.com to pick up your exclusive HidrateSpark PRO and HidrateSpark PRO STEEL smart water bottle bundles, Chug lid and bonus Straw package only available at Apple.

The bottle combines the power of technology and innovation with the need for daily hydration, syncs with your Apple Watch and other favorite devices to keep your water intake on track.

Works with Apple Watch

HidrateSpark hydration app on Apple Watch for tracking water from the smart water bottle

Launch App
Download the FREE HidrateSpark App with Apple Watch connectivity.

Add Water
Manually add water consumed from outside your bottle using the manual add feature.

View Progress
Check your daily goal percentage, bottles to go, and view your current day streak on the app’s home screen.

Integration with Apple Health adds hydration data so you can view all your progress in one convenient place.

Water comprises up to 70% of the body. Studies show that 75% of Americans are dehydrated and a simple 1% loss of the body’s water content can negatively affect cognitive mood and ability. Not only does dehydration affect mental performance, it also has an impact on weight management, heart and kidney health, as well as blood pressure and blood glucose levels. 

HidrateSpark’s proprietary hydration equation calculates a personalized goal, dynamically adjusted throughout the day, based on biometrics and physiology data from Apple Watch and in the Health app.

Pairing Bluetooth® with the free HidrateSpark App, it makes every sip count in real time, regulating just how much you water you need throughout the day. Push notifications and the bottle’s glow send alerts when you fall behind.

Don’t miss this exclusive offer for Apple users. Get the HidrateSpark PRO STEEL bundle (at Apple stores and worldwide at Apple.com. This 32-ounce water bottle comes in Brushed or Black, with a Chug and Straw lid, and is vacuum-sealed to keep things cold. Also included in the bundle is a rechargeable LED sensor that will light up when it’s time to drink and pairs via Bluetooth to Apple Health. Apple users can get this package for  for $80.00. You can download the HidrateSpark App for free in the App Store.

Apple users can also check out the lighter HidrateSpark PRO smart water bottle bundle if you're looking for something a little less expensive. This 24 oz bottle is made of shatterproof Tritan ™ plastic smart water bottle comes in Sea Glass or Black and comes with a chug and straw lid. This bundle is available exclusively at Apple stores and apple.com for $60.00. 

Take advantage of these exclusive offers and live a healthier more hydrated life with HydrateSpark smart water bottles and Apple.

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