4 Fun Activities to do on National Family Health and Fitness Day

4 Fun Activities to do on National Family Health and Fitness Day

The last Saturday of September represents a day for families to come together and focus on their health and fitness. This year Saturday, September 26, is National Family Health and Fitness Day. In honor of this, we pulled together four healthy activities the whole family can do to celebrate the day. 

  1. Go for a Hike
Vitamin D and exercise go hand and hand when it comes to being healthy. Take the day and enjoy a family hike. You can keep your kids entertained with a scavenger hunt along the way. 
  1. Bike Rides 

Find a nice trail or a not so busy street and go for a family bike ride. It’s great exercise and a fun way to explore the local roads and trails in your area. 

  1. Set up a Family Game Day

If you don’t feel like leaving your backyard, spend the day playing various yard games: flag football, baseball, basketball, or soccer. You could also get creative and set up an obstacle course for the family to run through. 

  1. Create a Fun Workout Routine 

Get the whole family involved with a family workout. Design an exercise routine that isn’t too strenuous so that the entire family can get their heart rates up. Balance your activities with strength, cardio, and balance training for a well-rounded workout. 

Your whole family can enjoy regular exercise and focus on their health and fitness. Use National Family Health and Fitness Day as a springboard to keeping the entire family on a healthy track. Join in on the fun! Mark Saturday, September 26, on your calendar for a fun family fitness activity. 

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