3 Tips To Keep Your Resolutions

3 Tips To Keep Your Resolutions

Have you kept your New Year’s Resolution? If so, great job and keep doing what you are doing, but to be honest, you are rare. You might not know this, but only about 36% of Americans have kept their resolution thus far. And the true test begins in February because the fun and excitement around New Year Resolutions starts to dim and lose its luster, resulting in lack of desire to keep going. Don’t let that happen to you -  it’s important to be mindful and motivated throughout the entire year, so here are our best tips to stay on track and striving toward your goals in 2023. 

Take time at the beginning of the month to evaluate your goals. Are they still realistic?

New month, new goal? As the months change and there are changes in work, travel, weather, and priorities, it’s important to take time to evaluate your goals and see if they need to adjust with the calendar. Take a few minutes to evaluate and determine what worked well in the month prior, and write down goals for the month ahead. If you’ve had trouble keeping your resolutions, be honest with yourself and re-adjust your goal to better suit your lifestyle - you’ll be more likely to reach them! If you’ve hit your goals easily, consider stepping it up and resetting your target.

Lucky for you, our free HidrateSpark App has made reviewing your monthly hydration stats very easy. For instance, to look at January at a glance, simply:

  • Press the history tab
  • Press today in the right hand corner
  • Scroll down and see each day of the month

The blue rings show progress toward daily goal (for each day!) and the bright green circles (or even streaks) show you when you’ve hit your goal for that day. This view makes it easy to see patterns and trends. Recommit to your February hydration by joining our February Challenge, adjusting your notification frequency, or even upping your water goal.

Find a method of accountability that works for you.

It’s important to find what motivates you and accountability that personally works for you. Some find value in having a supportive community to hold themselves accountable. Others choose to write down and cross off their progress and some prefer to be rewarded for goals met. The best accountability method is one that works for you - so think about what will personally help you reach your goals!

Here at HidrateSpark, we have some great and engaging options to hold you accountable and get you regularly meeting your hydration goal. Join our Facebook community to meet others who will hold you accountable. Add new friends on the social tab and watch the progress of your friends all day - and maybe even try to hit your goal before them! If you want more reminders throughout the day, increase your glow or push notification frequency. We like to celebrate wins big and small, so our app allows you to earn hydration streaks as well as trophies for positive hydration habits!

Prepare for challenges and roadblocks.

No journey is perfect - we all hit bumps in the road. It’s easy to get distracted by other priorities as we get further from the New Year and life starts to get busy. Take your resolutions and 2023 goals one day at a time, and create a game plan at the beginning of each day. Try to prepare for challenges and have backup plans should you need it. 

In order to hit your hydration goals, be sure to keep your bottle charged. We recommend charging your bottle on a certain day of the week, so you don’t wait until your battery dies. You can also prepare to stay on top of your hydration goals by bringing extra water if you predict not having access to a water fountain, and filling up your bottle before you leave the house or each time you walk into the door. 

It’s not too late to start the new year, or just the new month, by joining the movement and getting a  HidrateSpark smart water bottle of your own. We hope that achieving your hydration goals with HidrateSpark will inspire you to reach your goals in other areas of your life this year.

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