Sustainability and reducing plastic waste in our oceans are one of our brands core missions. With HidrateSpark WAVE, less is more.

Smaller packaging. Smaller plastic waste.

We created the HidrateSpark WAVE with smaller, recyclable containers to reduce wasted space in packaging and to ensure that we are leaving the most minimal footprint on our world. Less packaging allows for less waste.

Less Is More

16 serving Wave Packaging

Wave Containers are recyclable and Travel Canisters and reusable.

16 Single Serving Packaging

Foil bags and individual serving wrappers are not recylable.

16 Bottled sports drinks

Plastic bottles are recyclable, but many still end up in the oceans and landfills.

Rethinking portability, sustainably

HidrateSpark WAVE’s reusable travel conister holds up to 2 servings of your favorite energy powder and fits easily on your keychain to take your WAVE supplements on the go. Made from recyclable aluminum and reusable, ensuring less plastic waste than other non recyclable individually packaged energy powders and single use plastic bottled sports drinks.