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Join the movement and create a hydration habit that is truely life changing. Our Free HidrateSpark App connects via Bluetooth to give you the most out of your HidrateSpark LEGACY Bottle.

Learn How Much you need to Drink

With our HidrateSpark App, your unique information, like height, weight, activity level and more, are all used to customize your unique daily hydration goal.

Track your water intake

Your HidrateSpark LEGACY bottle connects via Bluetooth technology to track every sip. Follow your daily and monthly hydration progress on the HidrateSpark App.

Meet your hydration goal

With glowing alerts and notification reminders it’s easy to stay on track with you daily hydration habit. Meet your daily goal and your bottle will celebrate with you.

Compete With Friends, All Around The World

Compete with other HidrateSpark users on the HidrateSpark App in various fun hydration challenges. Drink water and earn points for your team to win unique trophies for your collection.

Additional Features

Integrate With smart devices


Manually add water

Watch Friends

Stay on track with Hydration reminders

Opt in for our HidrateSpark app notifications to help you stay on track while at work or on the go. Keep your eye out for our fun reminders and stay up to date on your hydration habit.

Forget Thirst, Not Your Bottle

Not sure if you left your bottle in the car or at the office? Use the Find My Bottle feature within the HidrateSpark App to easily locate your bottle at the last place that it synced.