Glow, Drink, Track

HidrateSpark TAP glows to remind you to drink and with our Tap to Track technology you can easily track a full bottle when you tap your phone to the NFC tag on the bottle. Keeping your daily goal updated as you go. Opt in for our fun HidrateSpark App notifications to help you stay on track. Compete with friends in fun hydration challenges and earn trophies for your collection.

Light up your hydration

Add a bit of color to your hydration by choosing one of the 7 preset glow colors which glow every hour for a 12 hour period to help you stay on track and build a lasting hydration habit.

Easy to use

A simple press button interface on the bottom of you bottle lets you easily set your daily glow reminder schedule, snooze your next glow and customize your glow color. Stay on track of your hydration goal with the ease of our Tap to Track technology. Bottle also includes a long lasting replaceable battery.

"I never knew drinking more water could be so easy. I take this bottle with me everywhere."
-Heather H