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Sarah's Sunset Yoga

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No one does a sunset better than California. Adventure-seekers, like Sarah, run across sandy shores and hike challenging terrain to find the best views. “I get so much energy chasing sunsets with my friends,” Sarah shares. After bursts of energy and high-impact exertion, these adventurers balance out their bodies with a mindful yoga practice, taking in the day’s last warm, westward glows.

Ujjayi breath (sometimes referred to as “ocean breath”) takes on an extra special meaning in their practice, as waves sparkle and the ocean air makes for refreshing deep breaths in and out. “Ocean breath” is a breathing technique to heat and calm the body. It activates the nervous system and supports relaxation and a clear mind.

Sarah and her friends, Olivia and Ali, always pack a water bottle for their runs and hikes, but Sarah wasn’t sure why she needed to hydrate after zen yoga.

“I typically don’t break a sweat,” she says. But once she started hydrating throughout her entire sunset workout, she tapped into a level of energy she didn’t know existed. “I find my zen with every sunset. Now, I feel more energized, refreshed and ready to follow the next day’s rays.”

As poet T.S. Eliot put it, “The end is where we start from.” Ending yoga practice with friends and a clear state of mind sets Sarah up for success the next day.

She’s worked hydration into her routine, finding that the perfect time to sip is while she jots in her journal after yoga practice. Sarah feels the most centered after savasana, finding it to be an ideal time to write down three things she’s grateful for that day.

“I’m so aware of my body, mind and spirit in that moment – it’s been a perfect time to replenish with water and literally feel the benefits of hydration throughout my whole self,” Sarah says.

Sarah's Favorite Bottle

“I love the my new HidrateSpark TAP 32oz bottle! The glow alerts help me stay on track and the new larger size allows me to have water throughout the day.”

The trio takes turns leading each other in practice. Their friendship began at a local gym, when they found they had a shared experience of enjoying the sweat, but they lacked the focus and fulfillment within the confines of a building. “We were all looking for something more, but didn’t quite know how to explain it,” says Olivia. They walked the beach trying to find the words for what their workout lacked, and it hit them all at once as they looked out to the horizon. “It’s like the sunset was there just for us that night, letting us know we were already in the right place,” shares Ali.

Reconnecting with each other in new ways and finding meaning in each sunset continues to drive the group of friends in their search for a fully lived life. “It’s not about setting and forgetting,” Sarah says in regard to her routine.

“It’s about making sure I constantly feel like I’m growing. I couldn’t do that without the extra hits of energy that my friends – and my hydration – give me.”

Sarah's Top Six

Yoga Poses to Find Your Zen

Child's Pose

This is a relaxing pose to start your practice. Begin with your knees on the ground and your feet facing upward, behind you. Bow forward, arms outstretched with your palms down. Child’s Pose opens your hips and elongates your spine, allowing for a calm body and mind.

Tree Pose

This one-legged pose promotes balance and improves concentration. Stand on one leg, and form a triangle with your other, by placing the sole of your foot on the thigh of the opposite leg. Bring hands to heart center. Repeat pose using the other leg.

Chair Pose

Hands up and salute the sky! Keep your toes pointed forward and your chest lifted as you bring your thighs parallel to the floor, similarly to a squat. You’ll want a sip of water after this powerful pose.

Upward Plank Pose

Take a swig and switch positions! This pose provides relief for your lower back and doubles as a nice stretch for your core. Press down with your feet and lift your hips off the floor. Roll your shoulders back, broader your chest and let your head drop back.

Half-Moon Pose

Try this hip and chest opener, with a twist. Feel your core engage as you bend and bring one hand to the ground, while one leg extends high to the sky. Make sure your hips are stacked and your standing is leg is straight – but not hyper-extended.

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

No, it’s not just a fancy nap. Savasana requires a completely calm mind, making it one of the most challenging poses. Release any effort from holding any tension in your body (even your face). Lay on your back and find a deeper understanding of your true self by unifying your body, mind and spirit.

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