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Your kidneys deserve the best - hydrate the smart way

The kidneys play a crucial role in purifying the blood by filtering out toxins and converting waste into urine. 

With over 50% of transplant surgeries involving the kidneys and an estimated 15% of American adults affected by chronic kidney disease, HidrateSpark’s mission is to help individuals cultivate healthy hydration habits and prevent the onset of kidney-related illnesses, including kidney stones and disease.

An easier way to drink more water

Our customers shared their desire for a simple way to drink more water, which inspired us to help them develop healthy hydration habits.

Our philosophy has always been centered around habit formation psychology, which is why our smart water bottle glows when it's time to drink and our app monitors progress towards a daily hydration target.

It's indisputable that water is a natural remedy for a variety of health conditions.

21oz PRO

The world’s smartest water bottle glows to remind you to drink and utilizes a Bluetooth sensor that seamlessly syncs with the HidrateSpark App to track every sip. 
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Glowing Drink Reminders
It's easy to forget to drink, eye-catching glows will remind you to hydrate
Download Our App
App recommends a daily water goal & syncs with the bottle to show your progress
24 Hours Cold
Vacuum insulated stainless steel construction keeps beverages colder longer
BPA Free
Our bottles are always safe and BPA free
Sensing Technology Proven Accurate
During the NIH study, the HidrateSpark bottle was found to be highly accurate, registering within 3% of manual recordings, according to a test conducted with nurses and surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.
Smart Water Bottle to Increase Fluid Intake in Stone Formers
For those with a history of kidney stones, it can be challenging to remember to drink enough water to maintain proper fluid intake. However, the use of a smart water bottle has been associated with increased 24-hour urine volumes and less difficulty in remembering to drink.
Prevention of Urinary Stones With Hydration (PUSH)
The HidrateSpark smart water bottle is currently being tested in an ongoing clinical trial called the Prevention of Urinary Stones with Hydration (PUSH) study, which began in 2017 with more than 1600 participants. The trial aims to assess whether the use of the smart water bottle can help patients with urinary stones maintain sufficient fluid intake levels to prevent stone recurrence.
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"HidrateSpark water bottle is genius"
"Lights up when it's time to sip"
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The things you didn't know you needed
My husband gave me the HidrateSpark for Christmas and I love it. I have increased my water intake from 64oz /day to 100oz or more. The reminders are great and I like that it works w my fitbit to use steps to modify my daily water intake goal . I also have not used plastic bottles since getting the Spark...so it's definitely cost effective for me and saves space in my recycle bin. I do love the large capacity but am also considering getting a second smaller one as I have small hands.

Cathy T.
Water bottle to end all water bottles!
This is a well made and fantastic creation. With three kids this bottle had been knocked off of things more times than I can count and not even a ding or scratch. This has also given me a goal to hit each day and reminders to not chug in the morning or evening. I'm now on day 41 of meeting my goals and keeping me on track. When it lights up, my kids remind me to drink, also. The battery lasts over a week before needing a charge which is ideal. I know it's "another water bottle" and higher cost but I have used this every single day to ensure I get my water intake (as a nursing mom) and the ROI is well worth the investment to me!

Kristen B.
I'd die without this bottle
First off, I come from the military so staying hydrated is basic survival skills we learned. But after becoming a mom and full time employee and full time college staying hydrated slipped through the cracks and I found myself having major dehydration problems. I needed this bottle in my life as it helps to remind me when I forget or continue to push it off. This was the best investment I have made for myself, to better myself and to teach my children to take care of our bodies correctly. I'll be buying one for my mom for her birthday, my kids and my gym friends all love it as it helps track your intake! Best choice of 2020/2021

Lachelle H.