How does it work?

Hidrate Spark uses a sensor that tracks how much water you drink and syncs that over to an app on the phone.

Is the bottle BPA-Free?

Of course. The Hidrate Spark bottle is made out of BPA-Free food safe Tritan plastic.

How does it connect to my phone?

Bluetooth low energy.

Is the App free?

Yes the app is free.

Does the app work for iPhone?

Yes it will work for iOS 8.3+. Download it here.

Does the app work for Android?

Yes it will work for Android 4.3+. Download it here.

Which apps does the Hidrate App sync with?

Hidrate Spark currently syncs with:

  • Apple Health Kit
  • Fitbit
  • Under Armour Record
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Withings
  • Jawbone
Planning on integrating with:
  • Pebble
  • Garmin
  • Misfit
  • Google Fit

Orders placed before February 1st 2016 will begin shipping in March. Orders after February 1st 2016 will begin shipping in April 2016. You will get an email with a tracking number when your order ships.

Do you ship international?

Yes, however your home country may charge you additional taxes or tariffs on the arrival of the package which Hidrate cannot cover. These costs can be a significant fraction of the overall product cost. Please check with your local post office or mail center for more information.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last six months, and can be easily replaced.

Can the battery be replaced?

Yes, you will be able to with a replaceable battery cartridge from Hidrate Spark that costs the same if not less than if you were to buy the coin cell batteries from the store. You can also replace the batteries manually yourself if you choose to.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, however the sensor stick must be removed and washed by hand. The bottle and flip lid can be put in the dishwasher.

Can I connect 2 bottles to the app?

Yes you will be able to connect multiple bottles to the app but will only be able to be paired to one bottle at a time. So you can have one at home, for the gym, at work, and in your car if you'd like.

How many ounces / milliliters is the bottle?

24 fluid ounces. 710 milliliters.

Is the bottle insulated?

No, the bottle is not insulated.

Is there a straw?

No, the Hidrate Spark bottle does not use a straw, it has an open mouthpiece that is covered by a flip lid.

Are there going to be new colors?

We have a lot of ideas for the future, you will have to just stay tuned to find out!

Does it have a filter?

No, our current version does not have a filter, but we have some cool ideas for the future.

How much does the bottle weigh?

The sensor stick is super light weight so it weighs just about the same as a normal reusable plastic bottle.

Can I use an iPod with my bottle?

Yes you can use the app with an iPod and connect to the bottle via bluetooth.

Can I use an iPod with my bottle?

Yes you can use the app with an iPod and connect to the bottle via bluetooth.

How often will the bottle light up?

It will light up a few times a day if you have not had anything to drink for an extended period of time and when you hit your daily goal.

Can I turn the light off?

Yes you can turn the light notifications off within the Hidrate Spark app settings.

How does the sensor work (specifically)?

The sensor in bottle senses how much water you drink out of it - so it doesn't matter how much you fill it up. It can also tell if you've removed your cap, so it doesn't take into account the water you pour out to clean your bottle!