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New "every day" look.

was so excited about this launch - all of the colors look so divine. I settled on Fawn, a mauve taupe, and Moon, a sheer opalescent glow. They are infinitely blendable together and I love the color they make together, as well. I put on Moon as an all-over wash of rainbow-y shine (purple, pink, yellow, light blue) and Fawn around the eyeline to give some depth. I put them on with NO primer and pat it out with my finger and it stays on alllllll day with no creasing. It's definitely my new everyday eye look and gives a perfect shadow around the eye without looking too dark. I can't wait to get more colors and can't wait to see what colors come out next! Thanks Glossier for another amazing product!

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am I the only person who experienced a sensitivity to these? Besides these burning my eyelids, they are super hard to work with. The color in the bottle is so pretty, but on the eye it's very sheer unless you build it up. However, if you try building it up ( wait till one coat drys then add the other) the new layer pulls the first layer off causing a big patch. They do blend well together and that's nice, but I will not be putting this anywhere near my face ever again. Bummer, wanted to like these.