24 oz

710 ml


The bottle is made out of Tritan food safe plastic.

Bottle Glows

The bottle will glow throughout the day to remind you to drink water.

No charging needed

Batteries are replaceable coin cells.

Bottle and Lid are Dishwasher Safe

Simply remove the sensor stick from the lid and put the flip lid and bottle in the dishwasher.

*Hand wash the sensor stick.

Leak Proof

Flip style lid with a pour style mouth piece that will not leak.

Carrying Strap

A handy finger loop that makes carrying the bottle easier.

Fits in Cupholders

Fits common cupholders, backpack pockets, and bike bottle cages.

Sensor Stick

Water tight tube that clicks into the under side of the lid.

*Hand wash only

*Only unscrew to change batteries