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WAVE Electrolytes

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The next Wave in your daily routine is full of flavor and electrolytes. Less is more with our lightweight recyclable container of supplement mix with 6 key electrolytes and bonus minerals and vitamins. Choose from four refreshing flavors and add WAVE to your HidrateSpark smart water bottles to revitalize your healthy hydration habits. Sugar free and zero calories made with pink Himalayan sea salt. Scoop included.

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  • Lemon
  • 32 Servings
Hospital Employees, Medical Providers, Military, Nurses, First Responders, Students, and Teachers receive 10% off.

Delicious flavors that give your water a boost

Electrolytes: Revitalize your healthy hydration habit with our signature blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and bonus minerals. Energy: Get energized with 100 mg of Caffeine from Green Tea and L-theanine paired with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to support focus. Immune Support: Feel your best with our unique blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, Wellmune®️, Elderberry and more vitamins and minerals designed to support the immune system.

Sugar Free & 0 Calories

We created WAVE to give you the extra motivation to stay hydrated. Specially made for use with HidrateSpark® smart bottles and app technology and made with the most premium ingredients on the market, including Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. This helps maintain the fluid balance in your blood and is essential for muscle function.

Sustainable Packaging

We believe less is more, which is why WAVE containers are small and recyclable, ensuring less plastic waste than other non recyclable individually packaged electrolyte powders and single use plastic bottled sports drinks.

WAVE Electrolytes

Electrolytes + Flavor | (16 Servings)

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