Alexander Hambrock, CO-CEO

Alexander (left) grew up in a suburb of Chicago, fascinated by how things work. So when it came time for college, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. 

Wanting "to turn interesting ideas into reality" Alexander segued into product design and innovation, teaming up with fellow classmate and now colleague and co-founder Coleman Iverson.  

For Alexander, creating the world's smartest water bottle was about "inserting technology that people use in their lives everyday without being obtrusive". Alexander explains the glow concept as a unique way to make the bottle more relevant; a visual reminder to drink water, even when people can’t see their phones. The result: a simpler and more effective path to health and wellness.

Coleman Iverson, CO-CEO

Coleman (right) grew up in a small town in Minnesota, but he always had big dreams. Interested in health and wellness, he enrolled in pre-med and graphic design at the University of Minnesota. Coleman's focus flipped to the more creative side, graduating with a Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, in 2013. Part of the reason: he met Alexander Hambrock.

A few months later, the idea behind "the world's smartest bottle" was born and brought to life at a Google Startup weekend in 2014.  In just 54 hours, the team built a water bottle that tracked water intake, by synching to a mobile app. The team worked evenings and weekends for 7 months before being accepted into the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator Program powered by Techstars in March 2015. The 3 month program in Kansas City, MO resulted in funding and mentorship to accelerate their business.

Besides making the act of drinking water cool, Coleman's mission is to inspire behavioral change to make Americans healthier. 

David Asseoff, COO

It’s not often that a degree in history leads to the creation of a multimillion dollar advertising and marketing agency. But for David Asseoff, that’s what happened.

In 1994, he started Memolink, an online loyalty program that later became known as Adperio. The performance-based business represented major entertainment, finance and market research brands, including Disney, Fanduel and Stubhub.

In 2017, Colorado Biz named Adperio “The Best Small Business to work for in Colorado.” 

David attributes that success to the development of  a culture “which constantly empowered the team to embrace new ideas, formats and do the right thing for clients and customers.”

It was the opportunity to work with some brilliant engineers and combine his love of marketing, innovation and technology that brought David to Hidrate. First, as an Angel investor, and then as COO in August 2019.

“I fell in love with the concept that we could help people form lasting hydration habits by building a line of products to encourage water consumption. We have the tools to motivate and track the  path to a healthier life for every segment of the population,” says David.

As our world acknowledges and embraces the importance of data, David is excited about Hidrate’s potential to improve health and wellness, worldwide.