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We invented the Smart Water Bottle. Get yours today to improve overall health and wellness through proper hydration.

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Our HidrateSpark smart water bottles glow to remind you when you need to drink and connects with our free HidrateSpark App to give you the tools you need to track your water intake and build a hydration habit. Hydration has a direct impact on your body, brain, skin, energy, and mood - Hydration is truely the key to complete wellness.

Every sip counts

Backed by clinical trials

Proper hydration is the key to being your best self. Through clinical trials, we have found that our HidrateSpark smart water bottles and our HidrateSpark App had a direct impact on kidney disease, diabetes type 2, heart disease, headaches, urinary stones, and so much more.

Our mission

Save our oceans from plastic waste

At HidrateSpark, one of our key missions is to end the polution of plastic waste in our oceans. With the help of you, our app has recorded that we have saved millions of plastic water bottles to date.

Track Water Intake
Stay on top of your hydration with our habit building solution. With the use of our App, you can easily track your daily and monthly water intake to ensure that you’re hydrated and forgetting thrist.
Powerful Sensing Technology
Our latest and greatest powerful sensing technology allows you to track every sip by weighing your water level and communicating with the HidrateSpark App through Bluetooth.
Glowing Drink Reminders
Our LED smart sensor puck glows to remind you when it’s time to drink. You can easily customize your glow color, pattern and frequency in the HidrateSpark App. Choose between 6 preset color options or create your own with our Glow Studio feature.
Device Integration
Easily connect your bottle and the HidrateSpark App with a variety of popular fitness trackers and apps to keep you motivated and fully aware of your progress each day.
Cold Water Retention
Keep your water cold up to 24 hours thanks to the vacuum-insulated stainless steel that prevents condensation.
Rechargeable Battery
Stay up to date with your water tracking by easily recharging your bottle’s battery with the charger included in your bottle packaging.
The Most Powerful

Hydration App

Track Water Intake

Our HidrateSpark PRO bottles sync to the app via bluetooth to track every sip of your hydration journey. So while you forget thirst, our HidrateSpark App will remember your hydration progress.

Customized Goal Calculation

Our hydration equation gives you a customized daily goal using your unique information like height, weight, activity level, location and more. Our equation can even account for necessary water intake for women who are nursing or pregnant.


Show off your success with hydration trophies. You can earn trophies in the HidrateSpark App for consuming water, using our app, establishing hydration habits, registering a new bottle, and more.

Hydration Reminders

Opt in for our HidrateSpark App notifications to help you stay on track while at work or on the go. Keep your eye out for our fun reminders and stay up to date on your hydration habit.

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