Discover some of the keys to success and how the HidrateSpark smart water bottles can help you to form habits and make lasting change in your life.

No two people are the same. Our goals and dreams are what set us apart, and the world isn’t complete with our own unique story. This year, we’re setting forth on six habits to propel those goals, dreams, and stories forward. Forming the foundation for healthy and productive habits starts in myriad ways – some small, some big – and work together to create long-term success. It’s about more than a strong cup of coffee or jumping into the day’s work. These six habits will help you not only start your day on a good note, but maintain energy and mindfulness with each day to come.
Habit 01
Start (and Keep) Your Day Hydrated
Three in four Americans are chronically dehydrated. By starting your day off with hydration, you’ve already got a jumpstart on most everyone else! After hours of sleeping, our bodies are ready for water. Overnight, our bodies can become dehydrated. According to PubMed Central, research shows that even mild dehydration (corresponding to 1-2% of your body weight) can negatively affect alertness, concentration, short-term memory, and physical performance. Drink at least one bottle of water right when you wake up, before you put anything else in your body. Water flushes out your stomach and helps balance your lymphatic system. It sends a jolt to your body, invigorating you for the day ahead.
Habit 02
Move Your Body
Morning exercise is a daily habit of many successful leaders. And the beauty of exercise is that it can look different for everybody. Whether that means you’re hitting the running trails bright and early, taking your dog on a walk, calming your mind with restorative yoga and stretching, or even just chasing the kids around trying to get them ready for school, your body will welcome the movement. Hey, this sounds like a great time to grab your smart bottle for a water break! (Habit 1 would be so proud of you.)
Habit 03
Flex Your Brain
Your mind needs movement, too. Reduce morning stress by not jumping directly into working or problem-solving. Instead, read a chapter of a book, try out a crossword puzzle, or do some mindful journaling and goal-setting outside of work prioities. Your brain will appreciate your curiosity, and reward you throughout the day by helping you think creatively once you get into work mode.
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Habit 04
Level-set Your Goals & Tasks
Adjusting your perspective is crucial for long-term success. “When short-term tasks feel trivial, lumping them into a larger goal makes them meaningful. When long-term goals feel impossible, slicing them into smaller pieces make them manageable,” says Adam Grant, organizational psychologist at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Setting and reaching a hydration milestone is optimal for this habit because it hits both angles; your day-to-day progress helps check off that short-term task, while it simultaneously builds an overall healthier version of you.

“Zoom out for purpose. Zoom in for progress,” says Grant. Our days are never the same, nor do they always go according to plan, so shifting your mindset will help you get over hurdles faster. Thank goodness you already gave your brain some teasers this morning so it’s ready to go!
Habit 05
Surround Yourself with Supportive People
Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We reach our goals with support from friends and family. It’s important to have our cheerleaders in our inner circle, as well as people who help us push our limits. These can be real-life friends, communities we find on social (like the awesome people on our HidrateSpark app), groups we join, and co-workers who challenge us. Keep these circles fresh and full of people who help you reach go beyond your potential.
Habit 06
Power Down for Quality Sleep
After a full day, it can be hard for our minds and bodies to shut off. Successful people swear by their nighttime routines and though everyone is a little different, the habit is the same: forget your phone. Both natural and artificial blue light can boost your alertness, but too much of it may keep you awake when your body needs to wind down. If there’s an article you want to check out, maybe save it for the morning when your brain needs a pick-me-up. And instead, treat yourself to a calming bath or shower, try meditating, or simply lay down and enjoy the stillness before you sleep. By the time your body has established a regular sleeping cadence, you may even be able to ditch your alarm clock altogether. Last but not least, make sure to take those last few sips of water before you hit the hay. Ending your day the way you begin – with a simple hydration habit – helps solidify the best version of you.
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