October 31, 2018

Meg Klassen

Trying to be healthy is hard enough, but living with a partner who isn’t as enthusiastic about keeping healthy habits makes thingsa lot harder. This is a struggle I face every. single. day. And I suspect I’m not the only one whose partner would rather spend the night on the couch than in the gym.

So I called in the experts for help, and they delivered! Here are some tips and tricks from the Hidrate Wave Makers, our network of elite fitness instructors:

Identify Your Motivation

“Make sure you have goals that actually mean something to you. Be clear on why you want it, why you need to work for it. It makes it easier to get [to the gym] when you have a purpose.” --Samantha H., instructor at Orangetheory Fitness

“As a mother of 3, my motivation to workout alone is to have some quiet time to myself. Going into the studio and turning off my mind is the best thing I can do for myself.” --Kelli D., instructor at Pure Barre

Encourage Others to Join

I try to maintain my workout schedule and invite anyone and everyone to join me. After a while they usually see that I’m healthy and happy and they’ll eventually come back around to get in on those positive vibes too...We all have those times where we become overwhelmed with life and need a little boost from our favorite people!” --Carolyn G., instructor at Yoga 4 You

Share a Cheat Dish

If I am out to eat and my friends really want to get french fries, I offer to share in a few bites with them, but also get a healthier dish for myself. A couple of fries or a bite of dessert wont ruin your goals if you have a healthy dish to actually fill up on!” --Katie B.,instructor atSpark Cycle

Find What Works for You

My "secret to success" that I share with all of my clients (not so much a secret) is to find YOUR KIND of fitness! Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't always mean spending hours in a gym. Find what works for you!!! Sustainability is so important!” --Harley C.,instructor atYMCA

I love working out on my own because I can squeeze it into my schedule and fit in whichever type of workout my body is craving that day!” --Carolyn G., instructor at Yoga 4 You

Make Your Own Food

It can be easy to get tempted in social situations. If I am going to a friend or family members house and know that most of the food will be less than healthy, I offer to bring a dish of my own healthy food to share with the group.”  --Katie B.,instructor at Spark Cycle

And remember, just because your partner may not be in the mindset to keep up healthy habits right now, doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. So use these tips to stay on track, and be the source of inspiration that your partner may need!

If you have any additional tips, let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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