October 31, 2018

Jill Jernas

Sometimes the hardest part of the workout is getting started. A good song gives you the energy and confidence to get out the door, push harder during the workout, and can even encourage you try something new. We asked our fitness instructors (who create workout playlists for a living!) for some of their all time favorite songs:

Low Impact & Endurance Workouts

The Champion by Carrie Underwood and Ludacris
Katelyn Cianelli of Riverside Wellness Center


Joy by King and Country
Bre Gentile of Equinox


I’d Love to Change the World by Jetta Matstubs Remix
Katie Vovolka of Light + Glory Fitness

Why? “This song is super catchy and gets me pumped up to not only change my own health and my own world but to let my good habits and lifestyle inspire someone else to make a change!”

Good Morning by Max Frost
Ali Gildemeister of Om Yoga

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Lauren Rosella of Rex Wellness Center

Why? “I Always think of Rocky running on the beach and it motivates me to run a little faster. I resist the urge to start shadow boxing in public! LOL.”


High Impact & Faster Paced Workouts

Power by Little Mix ft Stormzy
Kaycie Foster of High Fitness

September by Throttle
Carolyn Gross of Yoga 4 U and Yogafit
Why? “It’s an awesome remix of a classic and it’s impossible to not dance when you hear it! I always put it on towards the end of my workout for an extra boost - and usually belt it out.”

SICKO MODE by Travis Scott
Alix Zargar of Pure Barre

Greatest by Eminem
Ryan Chambers of Lateral Fitness

Level Up By Ciara
Adrianne Grunes of [Solidcore] and FlyWheelSports
Why? “It is a fun, positive, upbeat song and makes me want to run around, dance, and sing - and life is too short to not want to dance and sing. Plain and simple it puts a smile on my face.”

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