Manufacturing Update

by Alexandra Feeken August 26, 2015

Exciting news! Our chief engineer Ham just got back from a week spent in China visiting our team. We’ve been working with Platform88, a manufacturing services partner who has helped us connect with top-tier factories, finalize our engineering, organize fulfillment and prepare for production!

From left to right: Jerry, Richie, Jason, Alex, Jacob and Maggie
From left to right: Jerry, Richie, Jason, Alex, Jacob and Maggie

(By the way, Jerry is a runner. As our CEO Nadya said "running sucks so good.") 

Ham picked up some new prototypes during the visit, and spent time working closely with the engineers to finalize the last small elements of the design. It looks like we’re going to begin cutting the molds in September! This puts us well on track for our Winter delivery dates!

We’ll keep you posted when we get some of our first samples off of the molds later this fall!

Alexandra Feeken
Alexandra Feeken


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