Top Reasons People are Trying to Drink More Water

by Alexandra Feeken August 14, 2015

People know the importance of water for our health. But, according to the CDC, 43% of Americans drink 3 cups of water or less each day. After interacting with thousands of people, we've discovered the top reasons people are trying to drink more water: 

1. "I forget to drink water."

This is the most common quote we hear from our supporters. From busy mothers chasing toddlers to people staring at computers all day, we constantly hear that people simply forget to drink their water. A reporter from Entrepreneur Magazine recently wrote an article about how she fainted due to dehydration. While this is an extreme case, we frequently hear about people getting annoying headaches due to lack of adequate water intake throughout the day. Having a water bottle that passively tracks consumption with an app to stay on track is just the ticket to avoid dehydration headaches and to keep feeling refreshed throughout the day.  

2. "I'm trying to get in shape." 

Most every weight loss program stresses 3 things: diet, exercise, and water. While increasing water intake has always been a known weight-loss technique in the general public, there hadn't been a scientific study on the topic until 2010, when University of Virginia PhD Brenda Davy headed a trial and found that "increased water consumption is an effective weight loss strategy."

Davy said that increased water intake may help people lose weight because it fills the stomach up, making people feel fuller, and eat less calories at meals as a result.

3. "I have kidney problems."  

Many people have come to us requesting the Hidrate smart water bottle because they've had a kidney stone and are trying to increase their water consumption. And after a person has one kidney stone, they're at a higher risk of developing another stone in the future. According to the NIH, doctors recommend that patients increase their fluid intake to 2-3 liters of water per day. 

We have devices that track our activity level, calories, and sleep - now it's time for a water bottle that can help us stay hydrated. We're excited to begin shipping Hidrate in Winter 2016!  



Alexandra Feeken
Alexandra Feeken


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